1969 Chrysler

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The 1969 Chrysler Models consisted of the upscale New Yorker series, the Town & Country Station Wagons, the sporty 300 series, the Newport Custom and the economical Newport series. All series offered 2dr and 4dr hardtops as well as sedans, except the Town & Country and the 300, the latter being only available in the hardtop body style.

This black and white press photo shows a tremendous view of a 1969 Chrysler 300 two-door hardtop without vinyl roof.

Same car, different angle, and in motion. Probably owed to the camera optics in combination with the movement, this is one of the few times a Chrysler looked shorter on a press photo than it really was. Still great, though.

This press photo depicts a 1969 Chrysler Newport Custom four-door hardtop with vinyl roof. Note optional cornering lights in fender.

This photo shows the beautiful rear end design of the 1969 Chrysler Newport Custom. Dual exhaust is a hint of either the optional 383 four-barrel engine or the even more expensive 440 TNT powerplant.

This two-page advertisment also shows a 1969 Chrysler 300 two-door hardtop. The copy text refers to the fuselage theme by proclaiming that your next car "can have a cockpit instead of just a seat and a dashboard", among other new design features. It's the same car that's found on the brochure cover.

Like in 1968, a Woodgrain side trim was again optional on 1969 Chrysler Newport two door hardtops and convertibles. Although standard fare on Town & Country wagons and hence a familiar sight, the wood-textured vinyl decal was ordered with only few Newports.

Setting forth the 1968 "Move up to Chrysler" theme, the 1969 advertising campaign tried to convince prospects to fullfil their dream of buying a Chrysler. This ad shows a Newport Custom two-door hardtop while the headline proclaims it is "the affordable dream". Note that production Newport Customs featured a nameplate on the front fender above the molding which is not visible on this car.

This ad promotes a regular 1969 Chrysler Newport two-door hardtop, also featuring a vinyl roof. Newport and Newport Custom models could easily be distinguished by the taillights but looked the same up front. The text also emphasises the good value this car represents.

Compared to the above ad, this this one refers to a Newport Custom four-door hardtop as the "attainable dream".

An ad showing a Chrysler 300 two-door hardtop.

Another ad showing the same Chrysler 300 two-door hardtop that appears on the brochure cover, this time letting us see it's beautiful behind. The text explains the virtues of the new "fuselage" styling.

Here's an ad for the Chrysler Town & Country station wagon. It praises the new-for-1969 roof-mounted air deflector, among other new features.

This ad shows a New Yorker and emphasizes creature comforts in the new 1969 Chryslers.

This is an ad of the series with stylized symbols above tha cars, this one explaining why a 1969 Chrysler Newport Custom four door hardtop is a lot more car for a lot less money.

This is actually an ad for Chrysler Marine inboard and outboard engines, showing a 1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible in the background.

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