1970 Dodge Polara/Monaco

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The sheetmetal of the 1970 full size Dodges was slightly revised. The front grille was now surrounded by a massive loop style bumper under an elongated hood front lip, giving the car a somewhat mean look.

In the rear, the taillights were now housed inside the more prominent bumper but still kept their trapezoid shape typical for Dodges. Interior changes were minimal. The upright dashboard was retained.

The Polara Special was added to the model lineup in March, a new low-price model which came with a 6-cylinder engine standard, mostly for fleet use. It was available only as a four-door sedan and in station wagon coniguration. Above it ranged the Polara, the Polara Custom and at the top the Monaco models. There was a Monaco Brougham package available for four-doors which included a split-bench front seat and vinyl roof. Monaco two-door hardtops could receive a 500 package whcih included bucket seats and a carpeted trunk. Both Polara and Monaco hardtops could be ordered with Gator Grain vinyl roof, which gave the car a spectacular appearance.

The Monaco had a special grille and taillights without back-up lights. The latter were housed in slots in each of the fender end caps, above the rear bumper.

Polara standard engine was the 318-V8 delivering 230 hp. The Monace came standard with a 383-V8 2-bbl engine which delivered 290 hp. Engine options for the Polara consisted of the 383-V8 2-bbl (Monaco's standard engine) and the 440-V8 4-bbl which delivered 350 hp. The 440 was also available as an option in the Monaco. The 383-V8 with 4-bl carburetor was added as an option later in the model year.

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Std. on  Polara






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The optional Super Lite (see further below), a single additional high beam with a very bright light, was offered in its second and last year.

Again two separate sales brochures, one for the Polara and one for the Monaco, were issued. Plus a 1970 Dodge station wagon brochure, of which the Polara and Monaco pages can be found further below. Alltogether 85,382 Polaras and Monacos were built during the 1970 model year.

There was a separate Dodge station wagon catalog in 1970. Click to see the Polara/Monaco section of it.
Click to see the combined Dodge Polara/Monaco sales brochure distributed in Canada. Some models like the Dodge Monaco 500 were not sold in the U.S.
Press photo of a 1970 Dodge Polara two-door hardtop equipped with Super Lite and cornering lights.
Press photo of a 1970 Dodge Polara four-door hardtop
Here's a Press photo of a 1970 Dodge Monaco four-door hardtop.
Another press photo of probably the same car, a 1970 Dodge Monaco four-door hardtop.
April 7, 1970 saw the introduction of a Polara Special economy model which can be seen in this press photo. It had a sticker price starting as low as $ 2,960 for a 225-cubic-inch Slant Six or $ 3,065 for 318 CID V-8 models. The Polara Special was available as a four-door sedan and as a station wagon.
This color photo of a 1970 Dodge Monaco Brougham four-door hardtop can be seen in the 1969 corporate annual report.
1970 Dodge Polara print ad depicting a Polara Custom four-door hardtop
This Monaco advertisement showing a four-door hardtop is found on the back of an issue of the Dodge News Magazine.
This Monaco advertisement shows probably the very same four-door hardtop.
This is a page from the 1970 Chrysler Corp. military sales brochure. The upper car is a Monaco four-door hardtop, not a sedan.
This is an ad template for a newspaper advertisement with the All American Dodge Boys promoting the 1970 Dodge Polara, here as a two-door hardtop.
This is a magazine ad promoting the 1970 Dodge Monaco.
Another 1970 Dodge Monaco magazine ad.
The Super Lite was a $ 50 option only available on the Polara and Monaco in 1969 and 1970. The single quartz-iodine light was far superior to convential contemporary incandescent lighting. However, it wasn't too popular with Dodge buyers and law enforcement either, being illegal in some States. If you look at today's HID lamps, it's only fair to say Dodge was ahead of its time with this one.

Listen to song of the 1970 Dodge new car introduction campaign, "Polara Polara!".

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