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These full-size cars all share the same platform. Chrysler named them C-bodies to distinguish them from the intermediate models (B-bodies: Road Runner, Coronet, etc.) and the even smaller A-bodies (Dart, Valiant). Moreover, they also share the same basic styling, the "fuselage" styling. Click here for a quick make and model year identification.

1969 Chrysler 300 Coupe Advertisement explaining the Fuselage Styling When the styling was introduced in August 1968 for the next model year, it was to replace the boxy design that Chrysler produced from '65 until '68. The ads that promoted the all new models proclaimed that the new styling not only made the cars look wider and longer. They also said that it surrounded the passengers with a hull, like in an aircraft, hence the reference to "fuselage". This ad explains it all:

(Click ad to get enlarged view)

"Your next car can have a fuselage-frame that curves up and around you in one fluid line. Close the window and the arc is complete. From under the doors to over the cockpit. Inside your next car, a cool, quiet room of curved glass and tempered steel. Soft, contoured seats and easy-to-read gauges. A controlled environment for you and each individual passenger. Your next car can have no protruding chrome, bumps, knobs, gargoyles, or wasted space. It can be an extension of your own exhilaration of movement. Your next car can be a car you can move up to. Without effort. Your next car is here. Today."

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