1973 Plymouth Fury Station Wagons

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Station Wagon catalog cover featuring Sport Suburban
1973 Plymouth station wagon catalog cover

It was the seventies. Everything was full of color, especially those kiddy bikes
1973 Plymouth Sport Suburban

Looks like the shriners lost orientation and left the parade, leaving the cars right there...
1973 Plymouth Fury Suburban and Custom Suburban

Mmmmhhhh!! it's that grrrreat vinyl again!
1973 Plymouth Sport Suburban interior

1973 Fury suburban interiors & features

Funny. The stub fram usually is the FIRST thing to get scaled by rust.
1973 Plymouth station wagon features

Electronic ignition system is so advanced, it is suspended in midair
1973 Plymouth station wagon standard equipment

The alarm system was really new.
1973 Plymouth station wagon optional equipment

Not all colors were available on the Fury. See footnotes in catalog.
1973 Plymouth wagon colors

Thanks to Helmut Schoetter for contributing this item!!

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