1973 Plymouth Fury Main       1973 Chrysler Main
Trailer Towing Guide featuring 1973 Plymouth Fury Suburban
1973 Plymouth and Chrysler Trailer Towing Guide cover

Two Chryslers, two caravans - and then you start a campfire - yeah, right.
1973 Chrysler Trailer Towing Features

Smooooooke on the waaaater...
Plymouth Fury Trailer Towing Features

I'd take the mattress. Oh, wait, then I don't need a trailer anymore! Mmmhhh... better opt for the cool Mopar fire extinguisher in case my bulkhead disconnector catches fire.

The almost invisible semi-phantom car strikes again!
1973 Trailer Towing Package components

Important trailer towing tip #1: don't have a flat tire. Tip # 2: tie some loose 8-track tape to the fan grille to create fun for all
Trailer towing tips

Note: Donkey not included. Ass can be installed at slight extra cost.
More tips

1973 minimum engine size to trailer weight chart

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1973 Plymouth Fury Main       1973 Chrysler Main

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