Cover of the 1973 Gold Sticker value special model folder
In the spring of 1973, Chrysler Corp. released some specially equipped models to boost mid-model-year sales. Touted as the "Gold Sticker Values", these special models could only be had as the package specified, with the possible addition of some optional equipment.

There was a Plymouth "Gold" Duster, a Plymouth Fury Special and this Chrysler Newport "Navajo" Special Edition.
The 1973 Chrysler Special Edition boasted special Navajo-cloth on a white vinyl bench seat, copper-red shag carpeting, white vinyl top and copper metallic paint with orange pinstripe. The chromed road wheels seen here were an option. It was available as a two-door and four-door hardtop as well as a sedan.
1973 Chrysler Navajo Special Edition
Here is the page from th above mentioned "Gold Sticker Value" folder promoting the 1973 Chrysler Navajo Special Edition. A two-door hardtop is shown.
1973 Chrysler Newport Navajo advertisement
This was a magazine advertisement for the 1973 Chrysler Newport Navajo making reference to the Chrysler Town & Country special edition cars of the late 40's.

This was a mail-out folder from Chrysler Canada promoting the "1973 Dodge Sunsationals" spring special models, but it also features a photo of a 1973 Chrysler Newport Navajo four-door hardtop.

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