1973 Chrysler
1973 Chrysler sales catalog showing New Yorker two Dorr Hardtop
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The 1973 Chrysler models received a major facelift up front. The loop-style bumper was gone due to federally mandated impact protection standards. These regulations were also responsible for the introduction of the elastomeric bumper guards that can be found on all 1973 Full sized cars from Chrysler Corporation. In the rear not much had changed from 1972. Slightly altered tail light lenses were the major innovation here. Newport tail lights remained of a slightly curved vertical layout but were now optically divided in an upper and a lower section. New Yorker tail lights ran full width across the rear with the back-up lights in the center. Front disc brakes and the electronic ignition were both a carryover from the previous year. New for 1973 were an optional "Chronometer" digital clock and an optional alarm system. The 400 cui engine again functioned as the Newport base engine while the famed 440 cui powerplant was standard in the New Yorker.

The lineup again consisted of the New Yorker Brougham and the New Yorker, the Town & Country station wagon, the Newport Custom and the Newport.

1973 Chrysler New Yorker four door hardtop This photo of a 1973 Chrysler New Yorker four door hardtop can be found in the Corporation's 1972 Annual Financial Report.
1973 Chrysler Special Edition Spring of 1973 saw the introduction of a "Gold Sticker" Chrysler Special Edition with remarkeable Navajo-plaid upholstery. Based on the Newport, it was available as a two- and four-door hardtop.
1973 Chrysler and Plymouth trailer towing guide cover
There was also a trailer towing guide for the 1973 Chrysler and Plymouth models featuring the trailer towing packages and a minimum engine size to trailer weight chart.

This magazine ad promoted the 1973 Chrysler New Yorker and emphasized the technical innovations as well as Chrysler's built-in quality.

This ad promoted the 1973 Chrysler Newport, emphasizing technical progress.

This Canadian magazine ad promoted the 1973 Chrysler New Yorker and Newport, referring to both as Canada's best selling luxury car.

Another Canadian magazine ad promoting the Quietness of the 1973 Chryslers.

This is a folder marketing Mopar's range of optinal equipment and add-on accessories, such as floor mats, ski-racks or - believe it or not - a home stereo system. So make up your mind if you forgot something...

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